Eager Beaver Sound

soundboardIf you are looking for consistent quality in the mix in both the house sound and on stage look no further than Eager Beaver Sound. We do sound for concerts, festivals, fairs and various other events, large and small.

A precise mix tailored to your expectations in the monitors and in the main speakers is the goal of Eager Beaver Sound, night after night.

Scott Eager and Ken Stoltzfus bring a combined 40 years of experience to the presentation of music to big and small groups all over eastern Pennsylvania and surrounding states.  They will put that experience to work for you so that both you and your audience will be happy with the result.


Ryan Frankhouser of Remington Ryde says…..
“Some of the best quality acoustic sound on the bluegrass circuit today!”

Danny Paisley of “Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass” says:
“Top Sound from a Top Musician!”